Chasing Modern Love

Last week I joined the club of those rejected by Modern Love of the NY Times. As much as I am disappointed, I told myself the same thing that I’m sure many others of this not-so-exclusive club say: “Well, it was a long shot anyway!” When I say a long shot, I really...

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To Mom on Her 92nd Birthday!

I often describe my mom as fabulous and feisty. What better words for a woman who at 92 years old, horseback rides regularly, travels the world, and exercises more in a week than I do in a month. Though what I admire most is her determination to never let age define...

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Tiger Claims His Spot

“Mehhh!” exclaims my cat Tiger when I move him over so I can get into bed. Sometimes this meowed complaint results in him leaping off my bed as if my moving him is a personal affront. He then escapes into the other room, not to return until later in the night. Cats,...

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Vision Board Magic with Jeannette Ceja

“And when I looked out the hotel window, the view was exactly the same as the photo I used for my screen saver, down to the flowers on the balcony.” I heard this and I got goosebumps. This is the moment when I started to believe that there really was some magic in...

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What’s the Story You’re Clinging to?

What’s the story you’re clinging to? We all have stories that we’ve woven into our reality. Sometimes they’re positive and sometimes, lets just say not so much…. I’m sure you know of someone that always seems to luck into the perfect circumstance. That’s the story...

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Why Can’t I Meditate?

When I first heard of meditation many years ago, I thought that you were supposed to be transported to some other realm, the looks of which, I had no idea. It was this mysterious ability that I wasn’t sure I had. Was I supposed to feel something? Hear messages? See...

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